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Him with your main idea, as in a Sherlock Holmes mystery. The present research is based on the previous edition. Specifically, a Conditional Caution may only be given if a prosecutor considers that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute and the offender admits the offence and agrees to a Conditional Caution being imposed. A review of CPS case files; The conclusion paper needs summarize content purpose without seeming all rights reserved. The most recent publication in this series reports that many of the figures are the highest observed in the last decade (MoJ, 2010). Monitoring the disability of offenders was introduced in the CPS in April 2007. And focus groups with practitioners.

The need for enhanced understanding and awareness on behalf of criminal justice agencies in relation to practice and policies followed by health practitioners, and vice versa, is also identified. 4. This approach facilitated the identification of key themes from participants' responses to questions asked in the focus groups. Due to the challenges inherent in identifying cases using CPS electronic data systems, and the means via which relevant CPS case files were ultimately identified, the resulting case sample for this research is not intended to be representative of CPS caseloads. Example: It does not push the ideas forward. This means that a jury or a bench of magistrates or a judge hearing a case alone, properly directed in accordance with the law, is more likely than not to convict the defendant of the alleged charge. The legislative framework defines 'mental disorder' as 'any disorder or disability of the mind' (section 1(2) Mental Health Act 1983, as amended by section 1 of the Mental Health Act 2007). Personality disorders, eating disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, mental illness such as depression and bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and learning disabilities. Glyn Thomas, Brenda Evans, Gillian Ormston, Kevin Ryan and Inspector Michael Brown all deserve a special mention. Without the individuals listed above, the research simply would not have happened. Because of the efforts of fine Americans like Frederick Douglass, countless others have seen the shining beacon of light that is education.

Cases dealt with by the police, or otherwise diverted from the formal system without referral to the CPS, sat outside the scope of the research. The research was conducted in four selected CPS Areas. Further explanation on CMS and MIS is contained in the at the end of this report. A recently completed review of existing evidence (MoJ, 2009b) helpfully summarises key findings in relation to experiences of adults with mental health problems: Research has also identified the difficulties people with learning disabilities encounter upon entry to the CJS. The review defined learning disability as: A significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information, to learn new skills (impaired intelligence), with a reduced ability to cope independently (impaired social functioning), which started before adulthood, with a lasting effect on development (cited in Bradley Report, 2009a: 19). The CJS often uses the term 'mentally disordered offender'. Your conclusion gives your reader something to take away that will help them see things differently or appreciate your topic in personally relevant ways. Such a conclusion will help them see why all your analysis and information should matter to them after they put the paper down. Your conclusion is your chance to have the last word on the subject.

Case files were identified from respective caseloads in each of the four Areas for inclusion in the case file review. Limitations to consider in the interpretation of the research findings are also considered. Further consultation will take place upon taking forward the recommendation on definition and terminology (see ) as proposed in this report, if it is accepted. In this section, an overview of the descriptive data on offenders, offences and outcomes for the case files included in the case file review is presented. The guidance is part of the set of legal guidance for prosecutors available on the CPS website, and it is regularly checked and updated to reflect changes in legislation, case law and practice. You may think it would be more dramatic to keep the reader in the dark until the end and then wow It is the term used in this report when referring to the wider policy context. This strategy brings the reader full circle. Case details were individually examined on CMS against the selection criteria. Despite this, determining actual numbers is no easy task. The transcripts were then processed using recognised techniques recommended as part of a 'framework analysis' approach (see Krueger, 1994). The police have certain responsibilities, as set out in Home Office Circular 12/95, to provide such information (Home Office, 1995). This report presents the findings from the research. Conclusion for research papers.